TECMA ALUMINIUM is a young, dynamic and highly motivated company, committed to meeting the new challenges posed by today’s market. Continuous improvement, product and service quality and direct communication with the customer will always be the basis of our success. We work hard each day to ensure that this is the case.

TECMA ALUMINIUM is committed to providing high added-value aluminium products for the industrial and new technology sectors.

Industry 4.0 and the lean production philosophy are the foundations on which we improve quality and ensure excellence in our production.

The seven corporate principles are:

  1. The customer at the centre of our business.
  2. The creation of value through our activities.
  3. Teamwork as the key to generating value.
  4. A management style that fosters enthusiasm.
  5. Ethical behaviour and personal and professional integrity as a way of understanding and developing our activities.
  6. Innovation as an engine of progress.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility as proof of our commitment to development.


The industrial operations begin with the creation of TECMA BANYOLES, a newly created company specializing in manufacturing aluminium profiles for industrial sectors, initially focusing on the national market.


The exponential growth of TECMA enables the company to invest in new machinery and increase the production area to 1,000 m2 for machining aluminium profiles.

With the creation of the Technical Department and new staff, TECMA specializes in machining complex aluminium profiles and components, becoming a market leader setting the standard at a national level.


With the aim of maintaining the planned strategic growth, the production area is increased by 1,500 m2 and the new corporate and marketing image is developed, along with a brand-new name, TECMA ALUMINIUM.

Comprehensive service: TECMA’s experience enables the company to perform and combine a large variety of processing and assembly techniques. This comprehensive formula ensures that customers benefit from improvements in the design and quality of the products.


TECMA specializes in complex products known internally as 3D – products with high technical requirements, precision and quality, with surface finishes and assembly processes.

TECMA embarks on its international expansion, promoting the export of 3D products to the Central European market.


To ensure the continuity of TECMA’s strategic project, significant investments are made to modernize and automate the manufacturing equipment in order to meet the requirements of the most technological sectors.

TECMA completely updates its corporate image and increases its international commercial network to achieve new expansion and growth targets.


A quantum leap in the company’s international progress, with the creation of the affiliated companies TECMA-France and TECMA-Germany.

TECMA begins operating in the North American market.


New French company. We are closer to you!

The leader in the Spanish market, now more and more French customers are placing their trust in us.

TECMA Aluminium is getting closer to its customers by creating a French affiliate with the aim of building a long and solid partnership.

TECMA Aluminium SAS has opened an office in Paris to be nearer to its customers, becoming a preferred partner and offering the solutions that the French market needs, enabling customers to conduct new and better market actions.


Rue Goubert, 18-26
75019 PARIS
T.+33 186 267 275




After years operating in the central European market, within the framework of TECMA ALUMINIUM’s internationalization strategy, the company decided to take the next step forward to optimize the commercial relations with our customers and work more closely within the key markets at the heart of Europe. To achieve this, the company has set up TECMA ALUMINIUM GmbH.

Our knowledge of the needs of a market as demanding as Germany has enabled us to detect the importance of having a strong presence in the country that is the driving force of Europe. For TECMA ALUMINIUM, it is a logical evolution for the company to have an affiliate in a market in which our mindset and work philosophy fits perfectly with our customers’ needs. TECMA ALUMINIUM GmbH has been set up in Germany to continue consolidating the values that define us: dynamism, modernity, flexibility, comprehensive service for our customers, honesty, commitment to the environment, quality and precision. The same values as always, but now much closer to our customers, at our new offices in Hamburg.

TECMA ALUMINIUM GmbH: The same ‘Made in TECMA’ service and precision we have always offered, now from Germany!!!


Kurt-A.-Körber Chaussee, 10
21033 HAMBURG (Deutschland)
T.+49 40 32534227
mail: deutschland@tecmaaluminium.com


TECMA ALUMINIUM is made up of a team of specialist professionals who are continually honing and improving their skills in aluminium production processes. Enthusiasm in each project and a perfect coordination between the various departments is the secret of our teamwork.

In this still new age of Industry 4.0, human resource management is key. Our staff is our greatest asset, always making a special effort to provide a service that guarantees reliability and efficiency.


We have made a real effort to automate our factory, as well as ensuring the specialisation of our staff and the management of human resources. Today more than ever, we continue to guarantee our success in the challenges we face in the future.

At TECMA ALUMINIUM we further perfect the efficiency of our processes on a daily basis, managing projects with the highest quality requirements and specific instructions, following the ISO 9001 standard in order to adapt to the specific needs of each sector.


The preference for aluminium is the result of its availability. Aluminium is the most common metal in the Earth’s crust. It can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its quality or structural integrity. Its qualities offer a wide range of advantages. Aluminium provides lightness, strength and durability, making it a material that is suitable for numerous parts for products which are either on the market already or will be new introductions. It is the most competitive metal on the industrial market, with an annual 5% growth in aluminium consumption.

As we move forward toward more ecologically-friendly approaches to building and increasingly sustainable energy solutions, aluminium will become ever more important.


We have a great responsibility toward the future generations. We should confront and assume them.
We are facing up to this challenge and responsibility through the implementation of an environmental management system that allows us to use energy and resources in moderation. Ecology and the economy are not a contradiction, but rather among the most important challenges facing contemporary economic activity.

We think green, we are committed to aluminium. 100% recyclable. We promote corporate social responsibility and sustainable development to minimize our environmental footprint.


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