Tecma Aluminium is a leading-edge company, created by a professional team with extensive experience in the aluminium sector.

We are national leaders in the machining and transformation of high-added value aluminium pieces, requiring the very highest technical level and quality requirements. We define these products as 3D.

With the help of the latest technology, we make our resources more efficient as we welcome the arrival of the new Industry 4.0.

Our lean production vision of the future, constant investment and the desire to always extend our knowledge allows us to keep growing, becoming an international benchmark.

This philosophy is our guarantee in a number of areas, such as the medical, hydraulic, aeronautical, construction, automotive, rail and lighting sectors, among others.


Our role is that of process integrators for aluminium extrusion products. Our aim is to offer the customer total cooperation, to ensure that they benefit from all possible advantages throughout the different manufacturing phases, reducing the need for supervision, costs and product delivery times.

Our integrated service includes the choice of the best aluminium, the design, technical advice, supervision, coordination and solution optimisation throughout the various processes that make up each project, until delivery of the finished aluminium product as defined by the customer.

With this overall approach, we ensure the strict technical requirements demanded by each sector as well as guaranteeing product excellence, becoming a trusted long-term partner for our customers.


From the start of each project, we offer our customers a technical partnership service that will streamline their supply chain.

Our R+D department offers the customer advice on production processes, in both the design and industrialization phases, increasing the value of the product and fostering cooperation between companies.

CAD-CAM software is used to integrate the design of the piece and its parts with preparation for manufacture. This allows us to check and simulate manufacture before starting, optimizing costs and reducing production times.


Our experience with a large number of aluminium producers has proved that having a free choice of supplier, whether the metal be extruded, laminated or cast, improves the quality of the project.

This approach ensures we have great flexibility in terms of alloys, dimensions, volume and delivery schedules, covering every need, regardless of the sector, product and customer.

Alloys commonly used by TECMA:

EN AW 6000

EN AW 7000

EN AW 5000

EN AW 2000


Real expertise throughout the aluminium machining technological process.

TECMA’s experience ensures added value for those industries that need to outsource the machining of complex parts, guaranteeing total precision and reliability.

Our many years making aluminium parts allows us to employ and combine the widest possible range of manufacturing processes.

Our automated facilities are designed for the very latest machines, CAM software and robotic arm systems.

TECMA versatility ensures agility, flexibility and a rapid response to the needs of our customers and their projects, offering a comprehensive service that is unmatched in the sector.


Surface treatments are increasingly common in the industrial world, as they represent significant improvements to the properties of the aluminium.

At TECMA we research and apply the surface finishes that ensure the best product quality.

We advise on all possible aspects in order to decide upon the best solution, working closely with the customer’s technical department to choose the processes, fixing, textures, thicknesses, colours, size changes, resistance and any applicable regulations.

We offer the widest range of surface finishes, from machined finishes to treatments such as hard anodizing, technical anodizing, lacquering, cataphoretic coating, ceramic coverings and other special applications.


Assembly of finished and semi-finished parts and products.

We have specific areas with specialist staff skilled in the assembly of parts of all sizes, from the very smallest to large multi-piece assemblies for finished and semi-finished parts and products.

In order to assemble aluminium product that also feature other materials, we select the best suppliers of plastic injection components, fasteners and standard parts.


In order to guarantee our customers perfect product delivery, we custom design the packaging based on the needs of each product, guaranteeing maximum quality in terms of the compacting and selecting of the material, ensuring that the final product reaches the customer in perfect condition.

At TECMA we adapt to the customer’s specifications regarding dimensions, materials and amounts required, jointly developing the ideal packaging design.

Labeling can be customized to the customer’s requirements.


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