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Why complicate your supply chain?
Tecma can produce all the pieces you need and can manage the whole process.

the whole

the whole

Why complicate your production process with multiple suppliers?
We can make your:

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Some manufacturers waste time and money by getting their essential components made the slow, complicated way. Let TECMA speed up your production process, reduce your costs and maximise quality by taking care of the whole process.

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Be Green

Tecma: helping you meet your net zero targets

The drive towards a global economy with net zero greenhouse gas emissions is creating new pressures on companies in all sectors. Manufacturers face a growing need to demonstrate green sourcing all along their supply chains. Governments, regulators, investors and customers will all be scrutinising your business’s commitment to green supply chain more and more closely in the years ahead. Meeting your own net zero targets will be mission-critical.

Our commitment to recycled materials

In this context, aluminium offers a significant advantage in that it is easily recycled and that the aluminium recycling process consumes far less energy than the production of new material from scratch. At Tecma, 70% of the components we produce are already made from recycled aluminium and we are working to improve on this performance every year.

green energy

As part of our own commitment to a clean supply chain, our production facility already uses 100% renewable energy.

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