Tecma Aluminium may not be the only European company enjoying improved trading conditions in the US. The weakness of the Euro vs. the US Dollar since 2021 has continued to work to the advantage of European companies looking to benefit from American clients’ growing interest in reshoring their supply chains from China due to geopolitical tensions. But US clients demand quality and value so when it comes to exporting manufactured goods from Europe the US, European companies need to make a strong case about their ability to achieved sustained cost and time savings.

Tecma offers manufacturers in the USA and elsewhere the opportunity to streamline the supply of top-quality components of every type -machined profiles, block pieces, turned pieces and really complex assembled pieces. On top of that, Tecma manages the whole process from design and engineering to assembly and packaging. This simplicity of experience enables us to make overseas customers confident about the wisdom of switching to a single supplier in Europe – especially if this is something new for them.

This means that a significant chunk of Tecma’s 30% year-on-year growth from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023 can be attributed to new customers in the renewable energy space. Some of this companies are producers of solar panel solutions and in both cases, TECMA is delivering multiple essential components.

With more US customers in the pipeline, Tecma has acquired a warehousing and distribution facility in Tampa, Florida, thereby enabling us to get closer to our American clients and shorten our already-quick delivery times even further. We look forward to welcoming more US firms to the growing roster of satisfied Tecma customers!

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