Tecma’s new one-stop-shop website: showcasing how we help companies streamline and improve their production.

Tecma Aluminium launched its brand-new website on Novembre 2023. Company CEO Narcís Puigdemont explains why it was time to update the business’s online presence:

“Over the last few years, a big part of the Tecma growth story has been our constant migration towards ever more modern and ever more efficient business processes and production methods. If you visit our operations centre near Girona, you’ll find robots at work, highly trained staff using cutting-edge equipment and our design and production teams constantly refining their skills. You’ll also realise immediately that Tecma is a true one-stop shop. Our team can produce every kind of aluminium component – machined profiles, block pieces, turned pieces and really complex assembled pieces. On top of that, we can manage the whole process – design and engineering, procurement of the materials, machining, the application of specialist finishes, assembly and packaging. These two strengths – the ability to produce any kind of piece and the ability to manage everything – enable us to offer clients convenience, rapid delivery times and outstanding quality.”

“We are proud of these achievements,” Puigdemont continues, “and excited about the prospect of helping more and more manufacturers around the world to achieve cost and time savings without compromising on quality. But I felt our existing website was serving to hide our shining light under a bushel! This improved new design therefore helps new and existing customers understand our one-stop-shop value proposition right away. The new website will play a small part in shortening the time it takes to decide to join the growing roster of companies gaining from our ability to save them time and money – so I’m delighted to see it going live today!”

Going forward, expect Tecma’s new site to highlight more and more customer success stories, making it even easier to visualise how your production process can be streamlined and improved in partnership with our company. Watch this space!

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