We were delighted to have the chance to participate in the annual Advanced Factories congress in Barcelona this week. Since 2017, this event has offered a broad range of companies the opportunity to learn more about the technologies and strategies covered by the umbrella term Industry 4.0 – IoT, AI machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, and advanced robotics. This year, the panel of speakers included representatives from industry giants such as Siemens, Airbus, SEAT, Nissan, Michelin and Schneider Electric.

During the event, Aleix Aledo from Tecma joined Fernando Leon of FANUC on stage. For the last few years, FANUC has played an important role for Tecma, enabling our R&D team to make constant improvements to our production processes. Aleix and Fernando explained how Tecma has taken advantage of FANUC’s experience as one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots in this drive to identify and deliver vital efficiencies at our production facility near Girona, Spain.

The Tecma one-stop-shop – every kind of aluminium component, the whole process managed from design improvements to delivery – is all about saving our customers time and money. Constant improvements to our production processes, enabled by strong partnerships with key supporters such as FANUC, are at the heart of our ability to keep making good on this promise.

Partnering with FANUC to deliver efficiency and value for Tecma customers

Helping customers meet their sustainability goals

Our CEO Narcís Puigdemont and the General Manager of an important partner of ours, Hoffmann Group Iberia, were recently featured in an article that gained attention from various news outlets